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IamHere: Aiming to connect people locally, IamHere is a socio-business application that makes location-based discoveries that is, it uses location as a platform. This app enables us not only to find potential customers but also to find like-minded people.

IamHere entered the market in Dec 2017 and currently has more than 50,000 users in Bengaluru itself, having made over 3 lakh searches. Around 5000 users are adding every month, and 10,000 NGOs are expected to join in the next three months.

Through IamHere, we can discover people in our locality on the map. It provides an Avatar. It could be a doctor, tailor, beautician, guitarist, hiker, book reader, sports enthusiast, blogger, marketer, college alumni, etc. We can connect with these people with direct chats and calls, share stories, connect through events, all this with complete privacy.

IamHere aims to earn money from local ads and promotions that initially happen directly on their platform or from the external platform. They partner for maps with Google and cloud with Amazon. The technology is a pile of software; the infrastructure is in AWS, and the front end app is developed in computer languages such as Java and Python.

The idea of IamHere came into existence when Naren, Deepa, and Rajesh, former BITS alumni who had 15 years of corporate experience, realized that they should use their expertise to address the hyperlocal disclosure and alliance for hobby, interests, and business cooperation issues. Naren worked for Cisco and Schneider Electric and was part of the founding team at 2020 imaging. Deepa had a good product management experience at Amazon, Redbus, Groupon, and Zoomcar. Rajesh worked as a technologist in Oracle, Juniper, and Floriano.

Naren says, “Google can map places, not people. Facebook finds people, but not with the same interests who are living by, and WhatsApp is limited only to our contact list.”

This Banglore based social-marketplace app is going to take part in “Daan Utsav”- the joy-of-giving week, which happens from 2nd to 8th October every year. In cooperation with Guidestar India, India’s largest and the most reliable NGO information depository, the NASSCOM-incubated startup, IamHere will now host 8,700+ NGOs in the country on its app.

Guidestar India makes available civil society information that advances transparency, enables better decision making and encourages charitable giving.

Naren Kumar, CEO of IamHere, says, “Through IamHere, we wanted to use technology to create a social impact. We started the social experiment by bringing hobbies, interests, and small businesses on to mainstream search and connecting people within their neighborhood. With Guidestar partnership, we are taking this to proportions that we cannot assimilate right now, as this is the first time that something of this extent has endeavored across the globe.”

“We have always wanted to make finding and connecting with NGOs simple for individuals. People would offer their money, material, time so much more if only they could find NGOs nearby like we can find cabs on Uber app or restaurants on Google maps. When we saw IamHere, we realized it might be the beginning of a social sector revolution.” says Pushpa Aman Singh, founder, and CEO of Guidestar India.

Speaking of the utility of the digital invention, Chenthil Kumar, aeronautical engineer, and Bhimu volunteer said, “On the IamHere app, I discover cyclists and runners with whom I don’t just talk, but actually cycle and jog with every day. During events, IamHere enables us to find our audience and enable registration, live tracking, and communication, all very seamlessly.”

This AI-based social network won the prestigious Elevate award for 2019. Elevate is an initiative taken by the department of IT-BT science and technology, the Karnataka government seeks to provide a comprehensive entrepreneurship platform for chosen startups to get assistance from the government in the form of grants and mentorship for government projects.

IamHere has taken a revolutionary step by using social networking to contribute to the betterment of our country. IamHere seeks to proliferate across major cities in a year after raising some angel funding.

India has not been very gentle to hyperlocal discovery. Because of income generation problems and low margins, hyperlocal startups like Loquery, LocalOye and many others shut down shop.

V Ganapathy of Axilor Ventures, says, “Hyperlocal had trouble scaling up at all times. Nevertheless, there is a business case when entrepreneurs can figure out how to scale their hypothesis with paying customers.”

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