How to Fix FallOut 4 Crash on Startup

How to Fix FallOut 4 Crash on Startup – As you know Fallout 4 is the fifth game in the Fallout series and it was released on 10 November 2015. Sadly it has released only for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 devices. If you a user of all these devices then you can easily download FallOut games and then play as you wish. FallOut game has lots of features to play and shockingly it has received millions of downloads after its release. FallOut game has become one of the most successful game in the year 2015.

In these years, after its release FallOut game has become the most popular game for Windows PC and for many other consoles. But some of the users are facing issues while they are playing or when they try to open the FallOut 4 Crash. So to make you happy, I have written the complete guide to fix the issues on your Windows Operating System and then you can easily start playing FallOut 4.

I know that many of the users have tried to fix the issue but couldn’t able to fix permanently. So, here this article explains you the best steps to fix all issues related to FallOut 4. You can use these steps on any of the Windows Operating Systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Steps to Fix FallOut4 Crash on Startup

Goo news that FallOut 4 is one of the best game to play in every year since its release. But due to some of the issues, users find it difficult to play. So to make them play FallOut 4 without any issues I have written a complete guide to fixing the bugs or errors and also all the issues.

As I got many complaints regarding FallOut 4 is crashing as soon as they start the game.

How to Fix Crashes and Freezes

Some of the users have found many other methods to fix the issues for FallOut 4 crashes, but couldn’t able to fix the issue permanently. So first of all, you need to update your audio drivers and then try to start playing. Also, download Driver Manager tools mark automatically download and update the drivers on your Windows Operating System.

How to Fix No Mouse Problem

Yes, some of the users are facing issues related to no mouse cursor then you need to download the latest drivers on your Windows Operating System.

If you have any gamepad then you need to use or else if you do not have then you need to edit the FallOut4prefs.ini in Documents/My Games/ Fallout 4. Search for bGamepadEnable=1 to bGampadEnable=0.

You also need to change the iPresentInterval to 0 and then you need to set bForceIgnoreSmoothnss=1. Then you can try to start playing the FallOut 4 game on your Windows Operating System.

Also By Changing Some Options

Yes, if you want to change any other settings on your Windows Operating System to play FallOut without any issues or crashes then you can change some of the additional settings.

  • You can change the desktop resolution according to the game resolution or else you can do vice versa.
  • You can run the gameplay in the windowed window and on a borderless window.
  • You can also run on high-performance power settings on your Windows Operating System.
  • If possible uncheck Enable Intro Video and also Uncheck Enable God Rays on your Windows Operating System.

So these are the different methods to Fix FallOut 4 Crash on Startup. Follow the step by step by process to fix the issues else you may face troubles in between. So be careful while you change some of the settings on your Windows Operating System.

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